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List of Slogans

  • A day with us
  • Anyone can handle
  • as good as it gets!
  • be prepared
  • building a better tomorrow
  • Happiness is a Cigar Called
  • Have You Had Your Today?
  • I fall for
  • I Love What You Do For
  • Inspired by
  • is a winner!
  • is scrumdelious!
  • It's Slightly Rippled with a Flat
  • It's time to think about
  • Just one more will do
  • Lickin' Good
  • Look for good
  • Loves the You Hate
  • Only Can Prevent Forest Fires
  • Passion for
  • That'll be the
  • The Effect
  • The best darn you can get
  • Time To Make The
  • Wanted more
  • Would You Give Someone Your Last ?

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