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List of Slogans

  • 1 Hear. 2 Feel. 3 FM.
  • 96.4 BRMB. Better Music for Birmingham
  • A feast for the ears
  • And the Beat Goes On
  • B105. Today's best music
  • Be ACTIVE about radioactive emissions!
  • Berkelium for all your radioactive needs
  • Berkelium, soft & radioactive
  • Capital FM. Feel Good, Feel London
  • Century FM. No.1 for 80's, 90's and Now!
  • Commercial-free blocks
  • Commercial-free, free-form, independent radio
  • Donna. Make my day.
  • Drive to a gas station? No thanks!
  • Electric cars. No tailpipes. No gas stations.
  • Every company is its own TV station, magazine, and newspaper.
  • Every hour on the hour.
  • Forget TV-Active and be Radio-Active
  • I'm Berkelium, I'm radioactive
  • If I wasn't this pretty I'd be a radio DJ!
  • JAM FM. The finest in black music
  • MIX 106.3. Canberra. Feel good.
  • Music for adults who never grow up
  • Need power converters? Visit Toshe Station!
  • Nova 969. Sounds different.
  • Playing the hits you wanna listen too
  • Q is good for you.
  • Radium born Radioactive
  • Radium, it's radioactive
  • Radium, soft but Radioactive
  • Saga. Your life. Your music.
  • Say goodbye to the gas station
  • Studio Brussel. Life is music.
  • Tastes great and is radioactive too! Hope you like alpha particles and radiation!
  • The #1 hit music station
  • The sound of London.
  • Today's Hit Music
  • True music is black
  • Unadulterated Entertainment Radio
  • We play what we like and nothing else
  • We play what we're told to whether we like it or not!
  • Whatever happens, feel good.

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