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List of Slogans

  • A better mind
  • A day full of best stories
  • a life full of best Stories
  • A new Read of Today
  • Adding a Moments of Good reading
  • Advertise your every profession
  • Be a better person with reading
  • Be a more wise person
  • Be smart with every news
  • Because of every news matters
  • Bringing Spirit of Best Read
  • Create a great understanding with every news
  • Enjoy every bit of reading
  • Every article has to say something
  • Every morning with new freshness
  • Excellence in Every Words
  • Expand your world a little more
  • Food for your mind
  • For a better lifestyle
  • For most important magazine for most important people
  • Full of inside stories
  • Get to know more about love
  • heart of Magazine
  • Improve your business with our news
  • Improve your knowledge more
  • Inspiring stories for you
  • Keeping you updated
  • Know everything about your favorite celebrities
  • Know everything around you
  • Know the best part of Life
  • Lets you Read The life
  • Life is more interesting with every news
  • Made for smart readers
  • Make a new perspective
  • Make your reading more strong
  • Making Publishing Marvels
  • More than just business
  • News you can use everywhere
  • Read about the world more
  • Read better
  • Read well, be smart
  • Read your Best Life Stories
  • Start the conversation with the world
  • Stay updated always
  • Stories to know about
  • Style beyond time
  • The accurate news
  • The expert of everything
  • The eyes of the world
  • The inside story
  • The news to clear your doubts
  • The only issues that matter
  • The real expert of everything
  • To know about the truth of everything
  • To know more about love
  • Your daily dose of entertainment
  • Your fashion expert

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